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Canyoning is a tremendous great sport...
Canyoning make you discovering wild unexplored spaces.
Canyoning is in the same time: water and climb pleasure.

VERDUS is the Regional Club based in Clermont-Ferrand, in France.

VERDUS allows people to discover this wonderfull sport.

VERDUS also try to prevent Canyoning accidents by explaininghow to practise canyoning, and what are the risks...
Never forget that even Canyoning isa wonderful sport, it is also a very dangerous one.
Never go canyoning withoutany trained staff.
Canyoning also requires specific equipment.
So never go canyoning withoutthe minimun safety equipment.

Please contact use if you need's free...

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Verdus should shortly offer a proper site but you can't go canyoning and add-up page in the same time!

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